Psalm 127:3 – Verse of the Day 3/18/14

Psalm 127:3 Verse of the Day

Psalm 127 was a song of ascents, most likely written by Solomon, and probably sung by the people of Israel on their pilgrimages to Jerusalem to worship God.  The opening two verses express the futility of human striving apart from the will of God, and the last three verses express God’s sovereignty in building the household of faith. The Psalmist appeals to God’s faithfulness in providing children by way of reference to the promises to Abraham (Genesis 15:5 and 17:2), and just as God promised, Abraham’s descendants were indeed numerous and a source of blessing.

Of course, the promises of the Abrahamic covenant that are in view in Psalm 127 were most perfectly fulfilled in Christ (Galatians 5:16). The beauty of God’s fulfillment of his prophetic promises should lead us to worship and trust Him.  Spend some time praising God for the gift of His son, who took on flesh in order that we might be saved, and who is the source of all our hope.

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