Psalm 133:1 – Verse of the Day 6/15/14

Psalm 133:1 Verse of the Day

Imagine a race with a bunch of different finish lines, or a soccer game with not two but ten goals and where every team is trying to score on every goal. Can you imagine the chaos? In a race with one finish line, every runner is trying to get to the same goal, and in a game where each team is trying to score in the same net, they all share the same goal too.

One of the purposes of Christian worship is to unify us as we all seek the same goal – to honor God. That is what this verse is saying. Christians dwell in unity when we worship the one true God together. All of Psalm 133 is about this theme, and this verse is a powerful call for Christian unity.

Just as the Bible takes worship very seriously, allow it to call you to do the same thing. Spend some time in prayer, asking the Lord to help you grow in your desire to worship Him along with the body of Christ. Pray that the Lord would bring unity to you and your brothers and sisters in Christ as you share the goal of worshipping Him.

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