Psalm 141:3 – Verse of the Day 9/17/13


Psalm 141 is a song of lament.  David prays for judgment on the wicked, and he also prays for protection and guidance for the righteous.  One of the more interesting aspects of this psalm that distinguishes it from many other psalms of lament is that David prays simultaneously that God would bring judgment on the wicked while protecting his own heart from being drawn into their sin.  In this verse David is particularly sensitive to the way in which our speech not only reflects but directs our hearts.

Pray that the Lord would make you wise in your speech.  Not only are the things we say a window into our hearts, but they also play a formative role in directing our thoughts and actions.  As you pray, thank the Lord not only for His promise of protection, but also for His promise to help us grow in maturity and wisdom.  Pray that your speech would be source of growth and encouragement, not only for others, but for your own heart as well.

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