Psalm 18:30 – Verse of the Day 10/8/14

Psalm 18:30 Verse of the Day

Our daily lives present to us an infinite number of decisions. Every day we have to decide how we will live, what we will do, and what path we will follow. What guides your decisions each day?

Psalm 18 encourages us to allow the Lord to guide our daily decisions through His word. It was a song of thanksgiving that David wrote after God saved him in battle. David remembered the promises of God and in this psalm he thanked and praised God for his faithful protection and wise guidance. For David, in responding to daily temptation the word of God was both the best offense and the best defense. God’s word is both a shield against evil and a guide towards good.

God’s ways are perfect, His word is true, and he protects those who take refuge in Him. As you pray, praise God because He is true and trustworthy and thank Him that He has shown us wisdom in His word. Consider how you might live more faithfully in light of these realities and ask God to help you do that.

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