Psalm 27:1 – Verse of the Day 7/3/14

Psalm 27:1 Verse of the Day

Have you ever visited an ancient castle or the ruins of a mighty fortress? Usually such a visit will leave at least two impressions. First, it is impossible to miss the immensity of the structure and its building materials.  How did ancient people move such large stones? Second, upon further reflection, it is incredible that such a structure could not withstand the power of time and the weather. The wind and the rain eventually defeated all the mightiest castles built by human hands.

While Psalm 27 in a song of lament in which David cries out to God for help, in this verse he confidently expresses his trust in God, describing him as the stronghold of his life. For David, God is a powerful fortress that will never fall like those built by human hands. David is confident in God and so he trusts God to work in his own timing.

We can wait for the Lord because he promises to be the light and salvation to all who believe in Him. Therefore those who believe have nothing to fear. Spend some time asking the Lord to give you patience, to help you believe these truths, and to remind you of them when you are tempted to feel afraid while you wait.

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