Psalm 32:7 – Verse of the Day 11/29/14

Psalm 32:7 Verse of the Day
Can you remember the best hiding place you ever found while playing hide-and-seek? If you find a really good hiding place, it is possible to keep the person looking for you from seeing you. While that is a good thing in hide-and-seek, it is not such a good thing in our relationship with God. God calls us to run to him, not away from him. We are especially tempted to run from God when we sin, but God wants us to run to him so that he can hide our sin in the sacrifice of Jesus.

Psalm 32 is a song of repentance and thanksgiving for the forgiveness of sin. In this verse, David says he trusts God in the present because of what God has done in the past. The God who was faithful to forgive in the past can be trusted to do so in the present. Therefore he runs to him and not away from him. He hides in God and not away from God!

As you pray, thank the Lord for your deliverance from sin, evil, and death. Pray that the Lord would surround you with a sense of his presence, and that you would remember that He is with you at all times.

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