Psalm 34:4 – Verse of the Day 1/24/14

Psalm 34:4 Verse of the Day

Psalm 34 is a song of thanksgiving. David thanks and praises the Lord for His deliverance, and then in the latter half of the psalm explains the wisdom of a life lived out of a healthy and proper fear of the Lord (verse 11 and following). David’s own experiences form the background for these wise reflections, as David remembers how God protected him when he cried out to Him for help. The Lord protects those who fear Him.

Although we know only the Lord can truly protect us from all evil, we frequently turn to other sources of protection (money, relationships, reputation, etc.). As you pray, consider the Lord’s faithfulness to you in the past and ask Him to help you to fear Him in the manner described by Psalm 34. Ask God to replace your worldly fears with godly fear as you place your trust in His protection.

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