Psalm 43:5 – Verse of the Day 2/1/15

Psalm 43:5 Verse of the Day

Can you remember the last time that you were really sad? What caused you to feel that way, and what caused the feeling to end? Sometimes a little time is all it takes to feel better. Other times our situation changes and that cheers us up. Perhaps other times we remember something or someone reminds us of something that gives us hope.

This verse comes at the ever end of a sad song of lament so long it actually takes up two whole Psalms! The psalmist tells us that his sadness is the result of feeling like God isn’t really there. Even though he feels that way, the psalmist reminds himself of the hope that he has in God. He remembers that even though it feels like God is not there, he promises always to be with us and never to leave us, and this is a source of great hope.

What does it mean to feel the absence of a God who is in all places at all times and always loves his people? When you feel like God is not present, do you remind yourself of his promise to never leave you? Spend some time praising God for the promise of his presence at all times, even when it feels like he is not there.


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