Psalm 71:23 – Verse of the Day 4/20/13

Psalm 71 is an old man’s lament (see verses 9 and 18) in the midst of persecution from his enemies. While he is presently being persecuted, he is confident in God’s faithfulness in the present on the basis of his faithfulness in the past. In fact, this verse, the first half of the Psalm’s final couplet, is one of pure and total joy. Even in the midst of persecution the Psalmist cannot help but praise God in joy for what He has done.

The consistent teaching of the Bible is that our present circumstances should not define us nor our spirit. Rather, we are to be joyful in all things. Joy is never equated with mere happiness or pleasure, but rather with a euphoric trust in the God who has redeemed us. As we glimpse eternal fellowship with God in heaven it causes us to praise Him joyfully no matter what our present circumstances. Spend some time in prayer praising God and joyfully remembering the hope we have that one day all things will be made right by our Savior.

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