Psalm 86:5 – Verse of the Day 11/26/14

Psalm 86:5 Verse of the Day
Are you ever tempted to doubt that God will provide for your needs? Surely David must have doubted God when he was a fugitive, wrongly accused by the king, and hunted by his enemies. And yet, even though David had ever reason to doubt, he wrote songs about trust like this one.

Psalm 86 is a song in which David presents his needs to the Lord. In the first verse he straightforwardly asks the Lord to hear him, “for I am poor and needy.” This verse serves as the basis for David’s reply. The Lord is both forgiving and good, and therefore offers mercy and promises to answer. David knew that he could trust God to answer His prayers, and he expressed his thankfulness to the Lord.

As you pray, give thanks that we worship a merciful God who hears our prayers and answers us. Ask the Lord to provide for your needs, and to give you the faith to believe that He will. Ask for the strength and the will to believe that what God does give you is in fact what you need. Take comfort that your God loves you and cares for you.

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