Psalm 95:2 Verse of the Day 11/27/13

Psalm 95:2 Verse of the Day

Psalm 95 is a song of praise to God in which the psalmist invites the congregation to join Him in singing. This verse introduces one of the psalm’s key themes, the wonder of God’s presence, and it connects God’s presence with His voice. God cares for us as sheep in his pasture (verse 7), but he also is a righteous judge who calls us to repentance and faith. As we meditate upon his holy character as judge, the psalmist intends for us to long for his presence with us.

Spend some time in prayer in the presence of God. Thank God for his love for you, for calling you to repent and believe in Him, and for the gift of salvation. Consider that God, in his infinite mercy, has forgiven our sins in order to invite us into His presence, and praise Him for such a great gift!

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