Romans 12:12 – Verse of the Day 7/26/14

Romans 12:12 Verse of the Day

How do you usually respond when bad things happen to you? Do you ever think about how your own responses to difficulties set an example for others?

This verse is from a passage in the book of Romans that talks about living in response to what God has done to save us. Paul reminds us that our responses not only affect our own lives, but others as well. When we have hope in the midst of difficulties, it can inspire hope in others as well. When we are patient in the midst of tribulation, it can help others to share our patience. When we respond to such circumstances with constant prayer, this leads others to do the same. Hope, patience, and prayer are powerful responses that build up our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Spend a few moments in prayer thanking God for the amazing eternal hope that we have through our salvation in Jesus. Ask God to make you patient in troubles and constant in prayer. Pray that he would use these aspects of your worship even now to be a practical encouragement to others.

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