Romans 5:11 – Verse of the Day 8/3/14

Romans 5:11 Verse of the Day

Fortunately for us, most people do not have an archenemy.  We think of that as something only superheroes have. However, the Bible teaches us that we are naturally enemies of God because of the sin that resides in our hearts from the time we are born. This is what makes the death of Jesus on the cross even more remarkable: we were enemies of God and Jesus, the son of God, died in order to restore our relationship through faith.

This verse comes at the very end of Paul’s explanation of these wonderful truths in Romans 5. The death of Jesus justifies us through faith, and those who believe are no longer enemies of God. Although salvation is described as reconciliation even in the Old Testament (especially in Hosea), this theme takes on even greater significance in the New Testament, and especially in Paul’s letters. We are no longer alienated from God, because the source of our alienation, our sin, has been removed through faith and repentance.

The Bible teaches us that our reconciliation with God is to be the source of our hope. It is truly a wonderful gift to be given peace with God in spite of our sin. Spend some time in prayer thanking God for forgiving your sin through the sacrifice of Christ.

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