Romans 6:23 – Verse of the Day 8/10/13

Paul summarizes the message of the first half of Romans in a simple sentence with a simple idea: sin leads to death, the gift of God is eternal life. This is not only the central message of the letter to the Romans, but the message of the Bible as a whole. Although all have sinned (3:23), those who believe in their hearts that Jesus is Lord and confess with their mouths that God has raised him from the dead will be saved (10:9). The beauty of the Gospel is that we who deserve death have been given the gift of eternal life in fellowship with God!

What a wonderful gift that God has given us through faith and by His grace. As you consider the magnitude of what God has given you by giving you faith in Christ, consider how you might respond to this gift with gratitude, and ask for the strength and willingness to carry out that response.

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