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Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 is a wild, galactic adventure that teaches kids a powerful lesson about trusting God with everything – even our dreams! We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about Galaxy Buck so your family can dive into the latest release from VeggieTales® and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer!



Galaxy Buck: Mission To Sector 9

Buck Denver has a simple dream – to save the galaxy. Working for the Galactic Mission Board, Buck dreams of carrying God’s love to every corner of the Milky Way!

Except he doesn’t have a starship. Or a crew. Or even a captain’s license. He just needs a chance.

But when that chance comes and Buck finds himself leading a real mission into deep space, things don’t go at ALL like he imagined!

If he’s doing what God wants him to do, why is everything going wrong?!?

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Galaxy Buck Coloring Pages

gb-coloring-page-1-260-blog gb-coloring-page-blog-2 GB Starship Coloring page GalaxyBuck-GMBFortitude-9-Piece-Puzzle-colored gb-25-piece-cropped
Color in our fearless team as they embark on a mission of a lifetime! Download a coloring page of the Galaxy Buck cover art! It’s the ship that takes Buck Denver and crew into deep space…color the G.M.B. Fortitude today! This coloring page is actually a fun 9-piece puzzle for your family! This coloring page is actually a fun 25-piece puzzle for your family!


Galaxy Buck Crafts

Galaxy Buck Spaceship Craft Galaxy Buck Tolaris Craft Galaxy Buck Gluun Craft


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What are people saying about Galaxy Buck?

Galaxy Buck Mission to Sector 9 is a must-see for all ages! Kids will enjoy Buck Denver’s latest adventure with his friends from What’s in the Bible? and parents will appreciate the humorous nods to Star Wars and Star Trek.

More importantly, Phil Vischer’s gifted teaching delivers a clear message to kids and adults about God’s love and purpose for our lives. Galaxy Buck communicates important Biblical truths that will add to everyone’s faith foundation, whether a life-long Christian or a new creation in Christ.

-Amy Diller, Children’s Director at Colonial Woods Missionary Church

Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible? is the 13-video series from VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer. In his first new project since VeggieTales, Vischer has set out to teach kids (and parents!) the story of the Bible – God’s great rescue plan! We know the stories of Moses, Noah, David, and Jesus, but in this groundbreaking new Bible series, we learn how they all fit together to tell one big, redemptive story. Vischer’s signature wit shines through with his all-new cast of characters, fast-paced flash animation, and catchy tunes. This is one journey through the Bible you won’t want to miss!

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