Back to School Tips from What’s in the Bible?

Back to SchoolHere are links to some of our favorite – and most useful! – back-to-school tips and ideas for your family from our blog.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Their Strengths and Weaknesses

We parents know that each of our children have unique strengths and weaknesses.  It’s how God wired each of us for His purpose.  How do we encourage those strengths and yet at the same time encourage perseverance in the things that don’t come naturally easy?

How To Help Our Kids Deal With The Stress of School

In our house we have a philosophy that is simply, “Do your best, then let God do the rest!”  This doesn’t mean sit back and pray for a miracle, though! My kids know that we expect them to do their part. 

How To Talk To Your Kids About Friends With Special Needs

Loving our neighbor can come in the form of including all kinds of unique kids in our group of friends.  It can mean going the extra mile and learning about their specific behaviors.

How To Talk To Your Kids About Friends Who Have Food Allergies

When we talk to our kids about food allergies, we must reassure them that other children who may have a special diet are still just regular kids in most other ways! God created us all to be a little different.

Tips By YOU To Survive The New School Year

We all have gone through our own set of challenges with our kids. Some of them academic, some of them emotional–but we have forged through as a family, using our own set of survival techniques!

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