Best Father’s Day Coloring Pages

We’ve rounded up the best Father’s Day Coloring Pages from across the internet! See our top choices below to color for a special dad in your life.

Coloring with Dad


Our favorite British brothers, Clive and Ian from What’s In The Bible?, wish Dads a Happy Father’s Day in this free Father’s Day coloring page!

Clive & Ian Coloring Page

Guild Craft features crafts for Father’s Day, including a Matthew 7:24-25 coloring page that honors Christian dads.

On, you can download sweet and kooky animals wishing Dad a Happy Father’s Day!

Ministry to Children offers up a variety of Father’s Day Coloring pages – including diverse ones.

Ministry to Children Father's Day Coloring Page

From scenes of happy fishing trips to trophies for dad, offers up a bevy of coloring pages to celebrate dad.

Whether your dad loves coffee, barbequing, or fishing – you can find 17 coloring pages that honor all aspects of fatherhood on – even a “World’s Best Dad!” coloring page.


If the dad in your life is the more traditional type, you’ll find coloring pages of neckties and golf gear on, along with celebratory balloons and a crown!

We hope you enjoy these coloring pages – let us know in the comments which are your favorites!


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Sue Molloy

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