Building Community through the New Website

Have you had the chance to go through the newly revamped website for What’s in the Bible? I especially love the sections that are geared to parents and kids! I mean, yeah the blog is pretty awesome (ahem…) but it’s great to finally have all these additional resources at our fingertips!

If you’re anything like me, you may feel a little inadequate to teach your kids about what really IS in the Bible. You know, beyond the Sunday school stories you learned back in your own youth. In the past, my children have asked me some rather interesting questions, which I honestly didn’t know how to answer. Questions like, “Were there dinosaurs on Noah’s Ark?”

I’m admitting this to you because we are all in this parenting /ministry thing together, right?!

What I personally love about this new site is that it will facilitate a place where WE as well as our KIDS can come and glean some really fun and relevant information!

If you haven’t checked out some of the new features of the What’s in the Bible? site, I encourage you to take a look.

The Home Page is where Phil Vischer welcomes you and explains a bit about the concept of his series, What’s In the Bible?. This landing page will give you a snapshot to see what’s happening on the website, as well as on our Facebook page and on Twitter. If you use Facebook or Twitter, please follow us and suggest us to your friends, too!

Then there’s the Blog Page, which continues to grow in content each week! We have hugely popular posts by Phil and Liz, who bring us exciting news from inside the studio, which we ALL look forward to! We also have writers: Amy, Lori, Melanie and I who write on different subjects from a unique perspective, specifically with you and your kids in mind. This is a great area for you to have a voice, post a comment, or even share a link which complements the discussion.

The new Video Page has a place where you can watch those great clips that we’ve all enjoyed so much on the DVD’s. Yes, the highly acclaimed Bentley Brothers are there too! This week on our Facebook site there was a popular post asking us to name some of our favorite What’s in the Bible? songs … you know, the ones that get stuck in your head ALL the time! You’ll be happy to know that most of those favorite songs are in this section!

Moving on to the two new resource pages, there’s one for Parents and another for the Kids. On the Parent Page you’ll notice some activities that can be pulled up and printed out to be utilized in your home school, family Bible study/devotional time, or just as an addition to your family fun night! We have some great coloring pages, a crafts and game area (which I will surely be utilizing due to my lack of crafting ability), and some handy flashcards which can be printed out and used with the whole family. The team has also been working very hard on a study guide for this area that can be used in conjunction with each specific DVD. Right now, “Creation” (from DVD #1) is up and ready to be accessed!

The Kids’ Page has all the Jellyfish Labs’ character’s bios, some interesting polls that the kids can take part in, and COMING SOON—look for even more activities that the kids will love, while gaining more Bible knowledge!

Let’s not forget the Store section where you can order copies of the DVDs for yourself and friends. With Christmas around the corner, it’s a good link to keep handy and share!

Think of this web site as a place where we can build a community of like minded individuals, who all desire a place online where coming together and learning about What’s in the Bible? is interactive, educational and fun! As I mentioned before, most of us probably feel somewhat inadequate to teach our kids everything we’d like for them to know about the Bible. Our team sincerely hopes that as this site continues to grow, you can find the resources you’ve been looking for and maybe also, through the ongoing discussions and blogs, share some of your own expertise with others along the way!

Ok, I honestly don’t know if there were dinosaurs on the Ark! Do you?

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