How can parents teach their kids about God’s character?


To trust God, we need to get to know him. When we know God, and when we know and understand his character, we can love and trust him. But have you ever thought about getting to know God?

Here are some ideas for your family to learn about God and his character:

Getting to know God starts with spending time with him. When we think about getting to know a new friend, that might mean sharing a meal, meeting up at the local coffeehouse, chatting while the kids play or seeing a movie together. But we can’t just invite the Creator of the Universe to join us at the local multiplex. So where do we begin?

We can see God’s character most clearly in the Bible, God’s direct revelation. We meet him through the words of the prophets of the Old Testament, through his interaction with the people of Israel and most importantly, through the person of Jesus Christ. Scripture gives us a concrete way to show kids who God is. Try reading the Bible together, or reading from a children’s storybook Bible, and pointing out the things each story teaches about God. For example, when we read about how God provided the Israelites with quail and manna, we learn that God will always provide for us.

Once we begin to understand God through the Bible, we can start to see him in our daily lives. We can find out so much about who God is through his creation – the wonderful world he made. Reflect as a family when you see something beautiful that God made, like a sunset or a mountain range. Ask your kids what they think God is showing us about himself through his creation!

We can also look at the church, at the lives of people in church history and at our own local bodies of believers and see what God is doing. Engage your kids in other peoples’ stories – if someone shares a testimony at church, ask your kids what they thought about it and how they think God is working in that person’s life. Then you can ask them how they think God is working in their life!

Another way to teach your kids about God and his character is by sharing stories about what he is doing in your life. It’s so important as Christians to get together and tell our stories. As we talk about what God is doing in our lives, we give others glimpses of who He is. As Phil notes in the video, it’s not always easy to do that, though, it doesn’t come naturally. But by not exposing your kids to your own journey with God, Iyou may miss a huge opportunity to let them get to know God through my life.

Getting to know God – just like getting to know anybody — takes a conscious effort. We have to seek him out in the everyday, and invite our kids to experience God in different ways. But when we do, and we share that with our kids, we help them to learn to trust him and grow in their own relationship with him.



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