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My Jesus Journal Summer Banner Week-3

Happy summer! In this 8-part series, blogger Heather Conrad and her family will be walking through My Jesus Journal, an activity guide created to help children develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how they can come to know Him.

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Emma bookThe marvelous creators of What’s in the Bible? have brought to us a fabulous product called “My Jesus Journal”. Along with a family activity, there is a personal journal section provided for each child to develop their own relationship with Jesus and to see how He is working in their life. This activity provides an opportunity for a child to record the things they are learning about God and themselves.

Several activities are provided for children to create a journal that is unique to them. They have a chance to write poetry, letters, draw pictures, and even create their own pages. Some ideas they suggest are to cut out and keep the pages together in a special place. We enjoy using 3-ring binders in my home, or you could use a folder, or even punch holes in the pages and tie them together with yarn or string.

Our girls enjoyed coloring the verse found in Psalm 139, as well as filling in sentences about themselves and drawing a personal portrait. They also wrote about and drew in detail about their favorite places, animals, books, food, and seasons. We used these visuals to remind use to pray and thank God for each of their favorite things.

Brynn's portrait Emma's portrait

Another activity our girls enjoyed was watching the character Buck Denver recite a poem that can be viewed either on the website whatsinthebible.com/myjesusjournal, or from a phone by scanning the provided QR code. After viewing this darling clip, sentences were provided, as well as a word box that assisted them in choosing the word missing at the end of each stanza.

This activity certainly started their creative juices a-flowin because on the following page, they were able to create a poem of their own. Our word-smith child enjoyed the word play, and our child that expresses ideas through pictures jumped right in by creating a drawing that displayed her grateful heart for a God who rescued her.

about me favoritesAs a Mother, I’m extremely grateful for these activities that have not only provided an engaging, creative way for my children to write about God’s creation, but it fostered a wonderful opportunity for us to share our gratitude for our favorite things. These activities provided a unique way for each of us to express our gratitude to God. We were able to celebrate our differences and share in the beauty that God creates for us everyday.

I highly recommend this product to families of all ages. The opportunity to capture thoughts, ideas, and visuals as snapshots of present memories is priceless. To be able to look back at this journal over the years will not only be priceless, but will act as markers in their faith journal as it grows over the years. We, again, look forward to more activities to come.

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I’m just a Mom who feels privileged to have an opportunity to serve and to pour into the lives of my amazing husband Aaron, and our three precious blessings. Our son Austin is loves basketball and has such a tender and big-brother-protective heart. Our daughter Emma has a spirit as big as her heart, hard to contain all that creativity inside. Brynn is our youngest. Don’t let her little frame fool you, she is a spunky gal, keeps us all laughing. If there is a spare moment in the day, you’ll either catch me with a book, or hitting the streets on a jog with Jesus.

My Jesus Journal is now available at whatsinthebible.com here!

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