Christmas Crafts for the Kids

As of Friday, the kids are off for two weeks!! What are you going to do with a house full of little ones after watching all the Christmas videos three times a piece and baking that tenth batch of sugar cookies??

Crafts, of course!

As you know I’m not a crafty mama, but I’ve found a fun craft suggestion from the web site which my kids and I will be undertaking next week!  Give it a try and let me know how it comes out!

If you’re like me, and need visual aides, here is a link to the video tutorial for this project.

If you have any other fun suggestions that can help keep the kids busy during the long, cold two weeks ahead– please post links below!

Merry Christmas and Happy crafting!!


Stitched Christmas Tree in a Frame

Ages 4 and Up
This project is simply adorable. Your child will have fun sanding, finger painting, and stitching while doing this craft. You’ll love adding this miniature frame to your holiday décor. This project would make a great gift for grandparents or teachers.

Mini Picture Frame – holds a 2”x 3” photo Muslin

6” square Green Fabric Scrap

2”x 1” triangle

Red Embroidery Thread and Needle

Red Button Craft paint

red, white, and green 1⁄2” Ribbon

4” Sand Paper Brown Shoe Polish

4” Embroidery Hoop

Staple Gun
1.  Remove the back insert and the piece of glass from the frame.

2.  Have your child lightly sand the frame on all four sides to take off some of the paint and expose some of the raw wood. Dust off.

3.  Have your child add dots of red, white, and green paint with his fingertips. (see video) Set aside to dry.

4.  Attach the green xmas tree to the center of the muslin piece with spray adhesive.

5.  Insert the muslin piece in the embroidery hoop.

6.  Add the button to the top of the xmas tree with needle and thread.

7.  Have your child add stitches to the xmas tree as desired. The kind of stitches will reflect the age of your child, so let him sew as he likes. (see video)

8. Once the frame had dried completely, you or your child can rub some shoe polish on the frame with a scrap of cloth. Rub with a clean cloth removing any excess and adding a subtle shine to the frame.

9. Insert the stitched xmas tree in the frame. Place the frame facedown on the table. Place the muslin facedown on top of the frame. Place a small bit of stuffing in the center. Take the glass piece and place it on top of the stuffing pushing it down in the frame. Adjust the muslin so that the xmas tree is centered. Trim away some of the excess muslin.
Replace the back insert. You may have to use some muscle, but keep at it. It will go back into place.
Add a loop of ribbon to the frame with a staple gun.

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