Christmas Voices: What Is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

This year, we’re rounding up some of our favorite bloggers to get their thoughts on faith and family. We asked them:

What is your favorite Christmas tradition and why?


Danika of Thinking Kids

One of the events I cherished when my boys were little was our annual gingerbread house playdate. I would create little graham cracker houses in advance, and invite children to play.
Each child received a mini-gingerbread house, a small cup of frosting, and several cups with decorations. The children had a blast and we took the opportunity to know their families better.

Leah of As We Walk Along The Road

I like that we have traditional gifts that we give every year- a movie, pajamas, and a “Daddy present” are something that they all look forward to every year. I like it because the kids look forward to those each year.

Aurie of Our Good Life

I love when we decorate the tree. My husband plays the song “Someday at Christmas” and as we unwrap each ornament we tell the girls the story of it. They love to hear about their first Christmas, or family vacations, or silly stories from when Mommy and Daddy were young. It’s a simple tradition, but one that I hope we continue to do forever.

Heidi of Our Out-of-Sync Life

Traditions are the glue that keep families together. They are the memories of the past and the hope for future time together. We have so many Christmas traditions, but if I had to pick, I would choose the tradition of spending time together each holiday. Whether it is playing games, eating, baking, or just sitting in the living room talking, I love the laughter it always brings.

What are your family’s favorite Christmas traditions?

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