Churches: Spend The Summer With Clive & Ian!


It’s hard to believe it’s almost summer – when school’s out, sunshine is abundant, and children’s ministry starts looking pretty different than it does from September to May. Family vacations can mean inconsistent attendance for kids and volunteers, and events like VBS and summer camp can take a lot of planning and effort from your ministry team. Summer is fun – but it can also be a lot of work for your children’s ministry!

The team from What’s in the Bible? created a brand-new short-term curriculum, perfect for summer. It’s 16 weeks with Clive and Ian – your favorite young British explorers – and their Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge!

Take your children’s ministry on quite a ride with Clive and Ian as they answer 16 BIG questions about God. Who is he? How do we know we can trust him? How do we respond to who God is?

Spend the summer learning about God and his character with the kids in your ministry, and watch their respect for and relationship with their creator grow to new heights!

Clive & Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge Curriculum is ideal for use in the summer. Here’s why:

  • 16 lessons each feature a BIG question about God, a short video, a Bible story, and engaging crafts and games
  • Easy and turn-key for leaders – limited prep
  • Online access to all leader guides, videos and activities – easy to share with volunteers!

Start in May and run through the end of August with the 16 weeks, or use 1 lesson on Sunday mornings and 1 lesson on Wednesday nights to make it an 8-week experience.

The curriculum comes with awesome printable classroom decorations, as well as engaging parent videos from Phil Vischer to share via email or in the main service so the whole congregation can participate in what the kids are learning.

Spend this summer getting to know God with Clive and Ian! For more information, including a detailed scope and sequence, click here.


Clive & Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge is a 16-week curriculum designed for elementary-school-aged kids who have BIG questions about God like How old is God? Can I trust God? How do I show respect to God?

The flexible, 60-minute Bible-based lessons reveal key truths that God teaches us about himself, his world, and his relationship with us. Kids will learn through fun videos from Buck Denver Asks®… What’s in the Bible? and VeggieTales® creator Phil Vischer and a variety of activities designed for all types of learners to engage kids with their minds, hearts, creativity, and more!

Learn more about the Wonder-Blimp Curriculum including an in-depth scope and sequence.

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