Clive and Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge 2


What’s in the Bible? and JellyTelly’s favorite adventurers, Clive and Ian, have a wonderful NEW DVD which answers some really important questions about God!

Kids have BIG questions, and Clive and Ian have some BIG answers to share!

In this newest video, Clive and Ian’s Wonder-Blimp of Knowledge 2, the world traveling brothers tackle 7 important questions, such as:

Does God know what will happen in my future?
Does God tell the truth?
How do we show respect to God through…
By Listening?
With our words?
Through our actions ?

I can’t tell you how many times my own kids have asked these sort of questions. While I’m pretty sure I know the answers, I struggle to find a way to explain such big concepts to them in a way that they understand. We adults live by faith that God’s Word is 100% true, but when asked by our children (or others) WHY we believe, or HOW we know what we believer is true, we may struggle to explain ourselves. I love how this DVD takes tough questions and gives such easy to understand answers–all Biblically based! I can see how I will use this DVD as a parenting resource, for years! Your kids will love the characters, the catchy songs, and the silly puppet humor so much, they’ll ask to watch this video over and over!

This DVD is broken into seven parts. You can choose to watch it all the way through, or take it one question at a time. My son and I liked taking it one question at a time, and then talking about what we learned… and most importantly, how those answers are relevant to our own lives!

To purchase your own copy of Clive and Ian’s Wonder Blimp of Knowledge 2, for $12.99, go directly to the What’s in the Bible? store, or to your favorite Christian retailer.

If you’re not already a member of JellyTelly, check out the shows that you can stream any time online! Clive and Ian have their own show, and take kids on adventures throughout the Bible, while helping Buck Denver answer tricky questions!

Lisa Strnad is a weekly contributing writer/blogger to What’s in the Bible? and Jelly Telly. She has been a homeschooling mom of two, who works independently in Christian media in the areas of writing, promotions and marketing. She lives with her husband and children in Nashville,TN. Follow her personal blog posts on Talking Like A Girl.

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