Do You Home School ?

Reading some of the comments on our Facebook fan page, I realize that many of you are home schooling your kids.  I remember telling you that I loved using the What’s in the Bible? DVD’s as a curriculum for my 2nd grader, and it is something I personally piece together.  It takes time to plan and sometimes, quite honestly, I just don’t have that much time.  I have many times (this school year) dropped the ball, and for weeks at a time I’ve simply let our Sunday school facilitate my 8 year old’s Bible instruction.  It’s now half way through the school year, and I want to give him more, here at home.  I still have the DVD’s, I love the lessons that are taught, but want to use them less like an entertainment resource and more like I had originally planned– a home school curriculum.

Today’s blog post is meant to be a fact finding endeavor! If you are a homeschooling parent, I need your feedback.

First, what do you think of using What’s in the Bible? as your children’s home school Bible curriculum?

If you’ve gone to the FOR PARENTS section of the web site, you’ve seen the Activities Page.  What are your thoughts on the coloring pages, game and flashcards?  Are they  the type of things that you would like to incorporate into a curriculum?–or maybe you done so, already?– Please share your stories!

Here’s your chance to have a voice.  Let’s open this up for discussion!

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