DVD #3 … and off to England!

We just got a couple of cases of DVD #3 in the office here in Wheaton, and they look great. They should be arriving at your local Christian bookstore any time now. If you can’t find them there, you can order from our own website starting on Monday. DVD #3 finishes the Pentateuch, and ends with a big musical number with a whole mess o’ puppets on a riverboat that summarizes the first five books of the Bible. It’s a hoot. We also spend a lot of time explaining to kids exactly what the word “holy” means, and why it was so important to God that Israel practice all his laws for holiness. It’s really interesting stuff, and I actually learned a lot myself doing the research!

In related news, Lisa and I are off to jolly old England on Monday to officially launch What’s in the Bible in the UK! Neither of us have ever been (amazing considering all the British characters I’ve put into my films over the years), and we’re really excited. I’ll be speaking at the big UK childrens ministry conference next week, and our UK distributor Kingsway will be premiering the first DVD in an old, classic theater in downtown London on Wednesday. If you’re in the UK, stop by and say “cheerio!” (My wife keeps saying, “Promise me you won’t talk with a British accent the entire week.” I’m going to try really hard, but I really love British accents.)

Fun stuff! DVD #4 is going into production as we speak – it takes us through Joshua, Judges and Ruth. (“What’s with all the KILLING?!?” Fun!)

Onward and upward!


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