Easter Video Series: Talking About the Cross to Kids

As we approach Good Friday during Holy Week, our focus turns to Christ’s death on the cross. But for many children, death is a very scary thing!

“Talking to kids about Jesus’ death is a little tricky,” said Phil Vischer, creator of the Buck Denver Asks … What’s in the Bible? series. “You want to focus on the resurrection.”

In Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News!, Vischer and his cast of characters share the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection in an incredibly powerful, yet age-appropriate, way.

During Easter, it is important to remind kids that the resurrection is what we celebrate! Christ didn’t stay dead, but rather his resurrection has paved the way for the ultimate defeat of death for everyone who follows him.

When Easter rolls around, children who have experienced loss may have a strong reaction to talking about Jesus’ death.

Vischer said, “The focus is on resurrection – that death isn’t the end (…) and that it is not good-bye.”

“When we focus on the resurrection,” he said, “death loses its scariness.”

Pick up Volume 10 of What’s in the Bible? here!

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