Everyday Emmanuel

Everyday Emmanuel:Making the Most of Christmas for Busy Families

What is Everyday Emmanuel? It’s a fun, easy-to-use family Christmas Countdown experience designed to help families make the most of Christmas and better understand the true meaning of the season. Our prayer is that Everyday Emmanuel will allow your family to spend intentional time together celebrating old and new traditions. Everyday Emmanuel makes it easy for your family to explore the meaning of Advent and offers you the opportunity to add a deeper spiritual meaning to the season by understanding how many of today’s traditions point directly back to Jesus – that indeed God is With Us (Emmanuel) everyday!

You’ll receive a download link for a 68 page PDF file. Simply print the PDF to begin sharing the joy of advent with your children. Only $9.99 in our store!

The Everyday Emmanuel book includes:

  • Countdown to Christmas Calendar
  • Weekly Advent Devotionals & Ornament Activity
  • Weekly Big Questions About Christmas & Discussion Guide
  • Family Activity Ideas
  • Seven “print and use” activities
  • Online access to videos & additional resources
  • Helpful tips to save you time & money

(Please email customerservice@whatsinthebible.com if you need bulk pricing.)

And don’t forget the DVD Buck Denver Asks Why Do We Call It Christmas? It’s the perfect companion to Everyday Emmanuel and makes a great Christmas gift, too!


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