4 Ways the Church Edition is Easy for Volunteers

As a children’s ministry director I am sometimes frustrated with the challenges that accompany training volunteers and equipping them with the right curriculum tools. I have experienced miscommunication between teachers on implementing a small group activity, creating chaos in a room.  And recently a few volunteers forgot to pick up the following week’s curriculum, which meant they were not prepared the next Sunday.

Because we all experience ups and downs in our children’s ministry, we decided to make the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition a biblically sound, engaging curriculum that is easy to use! Take a look at some of the tools included in the curriculum to make your life easier.

  • Customizable Leader’s Guides – Each leader guide comes in a .pdf file so you can print and go. You’ll also receive a word document so you can customize to make it just right for your church.
  • Mobile Site – Teachers and small group leaders can access the volunteer mobile site on their phone or tablet to prepare for their lesson or teach the lesson right from their mobile device.
  • Physical and Digital Versions – The curriculum is available in both a physical version and a downloadable digital version. The physical version includes a 4 weeks of curriculum, a DVD with the curriculum videos, a training DVD, and a CD-Rom with the small groups. The digital version allows you to download weekly lessons or series lessons right to your computer!
  • Training Video – The training video will provide an overview of the curriculum components and how to use them effectively. This week we had a blast with the WITB production team creating the training video.  We laughed when Bill, the video director had to go down and ask the construction crew next door to quietly throw things into the dumpster, because the noise was affecting the audio.

We hope the What’s In the Bible? innovations for equipping your volunteers serve you well.

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