Family Gardening Activity Pack


God’s creation is so inspiring and it’s such a gift that we get to nurture and grow plants, flowers, and produce! There’s so much we can learn from digging in the dirt, watching seeds grow, and enjoying the beauty of nature!

We want to share this beauty with your family! Click here to download a really fun new activity pack to get your kids excited about creation and gardening!

We’ve also rounded up blogs about the beauty of gardening and how gardening can help us have spiritual conversations with our children.

10 Tips For Gardening With Kids

Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Are you struggling with tiredness and a sour attitude? Here’s an idea: get your hands in the soil, and let your kids join you. Surround yourself with green. I promise, it will make everything better. God made us to be nourished by these things. Here are 10 tips for gardening with kids to get you started. I hope you find something here that inspires you and your little ones!

3 Ways to Cultivate  a Heart For Worship in Your Kids

The sights, smells and sounds of spring are all around us. This time of year is not only great for growing plants but for helping your children cultivate a worshipful heart.

How to Start Gardening With Your Children

As you garden together, you can talk about the cycle of life, about how weeds can choke the good plants, but by removing them the plants can grow strong. You can talk about the miracle of life. You can talk about how God made the seeds that you are planting.

Gardening & Kids: 5 Conversation Starters

As you invite your children into that work, here are 5 easy conversation starters to help connect the work you are doing with lessons about God

Do you garden with your kids?  What’s one thing gardening has taught you all?  We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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