Using What's in the Bible? Church Editions during COVID-19 social distancing?

Is your church doing online children's ministry due to coronavirus?
We can help!

For churches conducting online children's ministries, What's in the Bible? Church Editions can provide streamable videos and emailable student materials for you to use with your children and families during this time.

If your church is already using
What's in the Bible? curriculum, here's how it works:

  • Click the appropriate link(s) below for the volume(s), you are currently using.
  • This will open a download window for a PDF containing special links and a password for you to share with your families to allow them to stream the video portion of the curriculum.
    • NOTE: In order to open the PDF, you will need to enter the download password you received with your curriculum. You can find this password in any of the following:
      • Printed on the insert inside your curriculum DVD pack.
      • On the printed materials CD in your curriculum pack.
      • On the PDF you received via email in response to your purchase.
  • You can then share the links, streaming password, and student materials (from your print materials CD or download) with your families.

Further notes:

  • None of the above gives permission to post any What's in the Bible? materials on any internet or social media site. This is a violation of copyright laws.
  • We ask that the links, password, and student materials be distributed via email rather than posted on an open website.
  • The access described above is temporary and may end when churches are allowed to return to their normal schedules and group meetings.

What if we don't own any
What's in the Bible? Church Editions?

  • In addition to receiving the curriculum by DVD pack/electronic download, all new Church Edition purchases will also include the access described above.
  • Check out all the What's in the Bible? Church Editions on our webstore.

Click below to download the instruction PDFs for your Church Editions with streaming links and passwords:

***When prompted to do so, enter your member/download password for that volume to open the files above.***