Walk Your Family Through The Bible: Isaiah, Jeremiah & The Prophets

How can we teach our children that God uses people to share his message of hope and love with the world?

This month we’re taking breaks from the pool to meet up with Phil and all our What’s In The Bible? friends. My kiddos (along with their cousin) love to snuggle up after a long day in the water. They can’t get settled though, without first having a theme song dance party. I’ll be honest, it’s not all smiles around here as we encourage the kids to slow down long enough to soak in the Bible as much as they soak up the sun. Learning about the Bible can feel overwhelming to kids at times. Don’t get discouraged if your children seen uninterested. Make it fun and once they get to know the What’s In The Bible? gang, they’ll want to learn more from their new friends.


What’s In The Bible? volume 9 is full of history and moves fast-paced through the last 17 books of the Old Testament – the major and minor prophets. Though kids may have a hard time understanding what a prophet is or what one does, they can grasp the simple idea of God using messengers to share truth, hope and love with the world. Once again (yes, I’m going to say it), as the new school year approaches, this is a wonderful time to prepare our children to be God’s love to those they encounter as they return to school, co-ops, sports and other activities.

One of the ways we can show God’s love to others is by being his messenger. Just like the prophets of the Bible were used by God, we can serve him with our words as well.

What is God Speaks all about?


Key Concepts:

  • What is a prophet?
  • Hope
  • Obedience
  • Faithfulness


  • The prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel
  • Major and Minor Prophets


  • Daniel and the Lion’s Den
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
  • Jonah and the Big Fish



What can we learn from the prophets in God Speaks?

We’re pausing here as a family to dig into the big concept of Biblical prophets and complete our journey through the Old Testament. My children (ages 7 and 4) are still on the young side for truly grasping the idea of prophets so we’ll use words like “God’s messengers” and “sharing truth” to help them understand that God uses people to share his message of truth, hope and love with the world. What’s In The Bible? Volume 9 covers every major and minor prophet, finishing our walk through the Old Testament with stories our kids will already be familiar with – Daniel and Jonah for instance.

Phil and friends do a wonderful job bringing it all together in a helpful review of the story of God’s people in the Old Testament, their need for a Savior and God’s rescue plan. Our walk through the history of God’s people – the Israelites – leaves us waiting for a Messiah. We’ll get to that when we begin our journey through the New Testament next month (so exciting!). For now, we’ll be digging into these conversations as we continue to teach our children about God’s messengers.


Talking to our kids about the power of our words and 4 more conversation starters:

1. Prophets

A prophet is someone who declares a message for God. Some of the prophets of the Bible revealed things that would happen in the future but it’s important to understand those prophets did not predict the future, they simply shared what God had revealed to them about the days to come. Other prophets reminded God’s people of his instructions for living or offered them hope for the future. God’s messengers shared many messages but their words always pointed to God, his love and his rescue plan.

2. Hope

The book of Isaiah includes the most important prophecy of all time – the coming of the Messiah. Isaiah’s words were full of hope for God’s rescue plan to be completed through Jesus. Because we live in the days following Jesus’ birth, death and resurrection and have experienced new life with him, we too, can share a message of hope with those around us.

3. Using Our Words Carefully

These 17 books of the Bible – the major and minor prophets – are all about words. The prophets can teach us to use our words carefully. Our words have power and can greatly influence other people. When we follow God and trust his leading, he will give us words to share his love and hope with others. What are some words we can use to share God’s love with others?

4. Being God’s Messenger

God wants us to be his messengers too. When he gives us those good words and we speak them to others, we are sharing his message just like the prophets of long ago. We can learn to be faithful messengers of God through the stories of Daniel and Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Even though they were put in very scary situations, they chose to honor God and his truth, no matter what. Have you even been in a situation where you had to choose God’s ways? How did you feel?

5. Brave Obedience

The prophet Jeremiah shared God’s message even though no one would listen. Jonah was afraid to share God’s message and ended up in the belly of a whale. Daniel ended up in the lion’s den because of his faithfulness to God. Which of these prophets do you think showed brave obedience? As you grow and God gives you more opportunities to share truth with others, ask him to help you develop brave obedience so you will always be ready to share his message of love with the world.

hope-vol9If our children learn early on how powerful their words can be, they will begin to use them carefully and intentionally. Following the prophets and their words is a great way to teach our kids (and to remind ourselves) how much God values what we speak.

Have you watched What’s In The Bible? Volume 9 with your family? What have you been learning or discussing about the prophets and the value of words? 





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