Guest Blog: “Bible! Bible, please!”

Here is this week’s guest blog from our friend across the pond, Ruth:

As a Brit ‘What’s In The Bible’ only arrived in my life, and therefore the lives of my family, about a month and a half ago. It all started when my Mum sent me a link to the YouTube clip of Phil promoting the DVD with the comment “What do you think?” In response to this, being a huge VeggieTales fan of old and trusting Phil would not let me down, I immediately sent her a message back saying “Looks good, just bought them!” DVD’s 1 and 2 (the only ones currently available in the UK) arrived in my house 4 days later and one or other has been watched at least once every day since.

I always thought my Bible knowledge was ok, but my knowledge of church history was (is!) pretty poor. The ‘Pirate’s guide to Church History’ is sheer genius and has such a wonderful way of presenting information that I now actually feel able to explain how the books of the Bible ended up as they are. Did I think that would ever happen? Not until I started watching this.

In my ‘previous life’ as a high school science teacher I was regularly quizzed with the “How old is the Earth?” dilemma. I’m so pleased to see that these DVD’s are embracing the ‘Tricky Bits’ that children have no qualms about asking because I know that my children will want to know the answers (or at least the options for the answers) too!

Now, as the mother of a very inquisitive 21 month old boy and a 4 month old girl I wondered how they would handle the concept of ‘What’s in the Bible’. I needn’t have worried! Granted, they might not understand everything that is being explained but the day (2 weeks after getting them) John looked at the DVD player and TV and said “Bible! Bible please!” (See video!) I laughed with much joy. He loves the fast pace, now knows some of the characters and dances to the songs with a huge smile on his face. His particular favourites are the theme tune and the Genesis song by the Fabulous Bentley Brothers. If he learns the words for those as quickly as he has learned to say ‘Bible’ then I will indeed be a happy Mummy. What more could I ask than my children grow up with a love of God, a faith in Christ and a desire to know more about Him and to get into His word? It looks like these DVD’s are already going a long way to fulfil the latter of those hopes and I am so grateful.

My only quibble is this, why do we Brits have to wait so much longer than our American friends to get the next episodes? Perhaps this is just another of the ways God is teaching me patience?!

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