Guest Blog: Family Movie Night with What’s in the Bible

Our awesome friend Sherry Domer, who blogs over at, recently hosted a family movie night featuring What’s in the Bible?. She kindly agreed to guest blog for us to share with all of you about the event and how it went. As Sherry mentions, this is a great idea for families who want to get together on a Friday night, for special nights at church, even for extended family get-togethers and after-school parties!  You can also watch it with your own immediate family and enjoy laughing and learning together.

Here are Sherry’s thoughts about the experience:

I love community.  I enjoy gathering with friends and family.  But with my large busy family, I struggle to make time for that important component.  I am always looking for ways to make it easier for families to gather.  Family Movie Night with “What’s in the Bible?” was born out of my desire to fellowship and grow with other families.  Our church encourages this type of event, so it was a great place for us to hold our movie night.  Besides, what child hasn’t thought about how cool it would be to come to church in their PJs?   I had a secondary objective.  As a Sunday School teacher,  I think “What’s in the Bible?” is the type of series that should be in every family library.  This is a great opportunity to get the parents to see how wonderful the videos are, before they buy them.

Family Movie Night with “What’s in the Bible?” could also be a great neighborhood gathering time in your own home.  It is a great tool for evangelism.  It addresses a lot of the popular Bible myths prevalent in our culture today.  And it’s not just for the kids, many adults need this too.  This is what makes it a great event for the whole family.

Know your audience.  The first time we held our movie night we watched both half hour segments on the disc.  My media deprived children were able to enjoy it all.  But there were some folks that felt this content rich time was a little too long.  If you need to, I suggest combining two great movies (meat and milk).

This is how it works: Set a date and invite families!  Dress the kids in PJs and bring their blankies and special stuffed animals.  Make lots of popcorn and enjoy the show!  We happen to have a “no sugar policy” near bedtime, but we do offer corn dogs for those who can’t get dinner before they come.  This is meant to make fun community events as easy on the parents as possible.  Water and/or sugar free tea are good drinks to wash down the popcorn.  Stress free fellowship and learning for all!

What is What’s in the Bible?
It is a DVD series starting with Genesis and they intend to go the whole way through to Revelation.  Phil is really on fire for Jesus!  His commitment to reach children with the message of Jesus has reached new heights of excellence.   VeggieTales told cute Bible stories that made you laugh.  But “
What’s in the Bible?” is solid food that children can understand.  This is solid content that most adults don’t know, repackaged to delight children as well.  Simply awesome!  It’s what I always wanted, but couldn’t find.

Sherry also sent us some cute pictures of kids enjoying their What’s in the Bible? Family Night:

Do you have any ideas about how to use What’s in the Bible? as a family? Or how to share it with other families? Let us know!

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