Have You Seen the NEW Jelly Telly?

A Christian online mini-network, geared to kids, that can be accessed anytime with content viewable on demand.  Brilliant! -right? Have you heard of Jelly Telly?  If not– you are in for a fun surprise!

Created by Phil Vischer and presented by Focus on the Family, Jelly Telly has just re-launched with an updated, more user friendly version of itself.  Still with the adorable cast of characters that the What’s in the Bible? fans know and love, but now with even more content! Phil’s gift has always been the ability to bring kids (and parents) quality media with a message.  To bring faith alive and make it relevant–but done in a fun, entertaining way.

If you head over to the Jelly Telly site you will see that the design of the landing page is super cute, and very easy to navigate. There are video clips and full episodes of Jelly Telly’s Buck Denver and Friends, Buck’s Mailbag as well as other well known Focus on the Family shows like, Last Chance Detective and Adventures in Odyssey.

A favorite of mine is the Characters Section. Do you or your kids want to know more about Sunday School Lady, Michael or The Bentley Brothers? Go into this area (or simply click on their picture located at the top of the page) and meet the cast of characters! You can read their bios, interesting facts about each of them, and even their key phrases!  –Think “Ponies”! Below these character bios, they have attached some featured content and fun clips.  It’s a great way for kids to get to know their favorite characters! Here’s one of my favorite videos from  Michael:

Do you like the idea of accessing games for the kids but are a little hesitant about allowing them to play something online? No need to fear– the much loved Clive and Ian will take them on a wacky Air Adventure!  There will be more coming to this section as the site takes off.

Grown ups, there is an area for you, as well.  There is a video message from Phil explaining in further detail what Jelly Telly is all about.  This section ties into the site’s blog updates, and has a way for you to access fun coloring pages and crafts for the kids.

We hope you can take a self guided tour through this site and let us know what you think.  Do you and your kids like the format? — content? — message?  Let us know! If you absolutely love what you see, please help us spread the word to your friends!

You can follow Lisa on twitter @lisastrnad and she blogs regularly at talking like a girl.

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