Henry Zonio’s Review of the What’s in the Bible? Church Edition

When the first What’s in the Bible DVDs came out, I was privileged to be able to preview the first two volumes. As I watched the videos with my kids, my first thought was, “When’s the curriculum coming out?!?” Well, that time has come! The first volume of the What’s in the Bible curriculum was released this Monday.

A little while back I had the chance to test out the curriculum on my family. After our recent move, we decided to homeschool our children, and I thought that What’s in the Bible would be a perfect addition to our curriculum at home. Since the curriculum is written with a church setting in mind, I did have to adapt some of the activities a bit, but it worked amazingly. All four of my children (ages 3, 5, 9, and 11) were able to engage the material at their own levels. The genius with which Phil Vischer is able to engage multiple audiences coupled with the activities that go along with selected video clips caught the attention of my children and helped each of them learn something about the Bible that they had not known before.

If you homeschool your children and have been struggling to find some sort of Bible curriculum out there to use, search no longer! While the What’s in the Bible curriculum is targeted at churches, the material is easily adaptable for homeschooling situations. For that matter, the curriculum is also easily adaptable for a family looking for some new family devotional material.

If you’d like to talk with me further about ideas on using What’s in the Bible curriculum in a homeschooling setting or for family devotions, you can reach me at Elemental CM.

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