Heroes of the Old Testament Devotional Review

I sat and watched as my 7 year old read the short devotion about King David to his younger sisters. I had downloaded and printed the PDF of the Old Testament Heroes Devotional and Activity Pack ($4.99) because I wanted something that would help my son establish more leadership during our Bible Time in the mornings. The devotionals are short, only a few paragraphs, and the reading level is not difficult.


We are already using the What’s In The Bible? DVD series in our homeschool. The kids LOVE them and I must admit I have a few belly laughs as well, so this new devotional fits right into our Bible schedule.

The devotionals introduce each Bible Hero and what makes him or her a Hero. The pictures that represented each hero are the same images used in the DVD series, so the children were always familiar with the visuals.

The girls listened intently to their brother read. When we were finished, we went into the kitchen to add the David picture to the “Hall of Fame.” All of the previous faces from the devotional download had already been placed in chronological order on the “Hall of Fame.”


The activity pack includes coloring pages, word searches and jumbles, a mini-book, along with other fun practice pages. I call them “practice pages” because each one incorporates objectives from the devotional or the videos. They reinforce the Bible concepts whether it is recognizing names, or events that took place. I would say that these activities are more for elementary aged children than preschool. My 2nd grader had no trouble with most of the items, but my preschooler liked the coloring pages the best!

I have been pleased with this product. As a Bible Teacher, I want to use biblically solid materials with my children to help them develop a rock foundation based on scripture. This devotional series is an excellent way to introduce Bible characters and events to children.

I am a firm believer in children knowing the biblical order of people and events. Moses was not before Noah and the flood did not happen after Jesus came to earth. In order to understand why humanity needed Jesus, Christians need to understand why the world is the way it is. Children need to know that God has a plan, how He brought it about, and that He used people all throughout history to make His plan happen.

Take a moment now to check out the Old Testament Heroes and Activity Pack and the other curriculum choices that What’s in the Bible? offers. You won’t regret it!


Old Testament Heroes
Learn more about 25 heroes of the Old Testament in a brand new devotional and activity download pack – Old Testament Heroes!




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