Homeschooling During the Holiday Season

Welcome to What’s in the Bible?’s 6-week blog series to help you and your family through the “Tricky Bits” of this holiday season – everything from connecting our modern traditions to their sacred roots to helping you navigate holiday budgets and meal planning! Join our team of writers plus some very special guest bloggers for a Christmas blog series unlike any other.

Today’s guest post is from Carisa who blogs at

Homeschooling in December certainly has some challenges but also some beautiful bonuses. When my kids were younger, we took the month of December almost entirely off of official school and had Christmas school all month long. I even went as far as creating 10 days of Christmas Activities lesson plans for us!  At the time, my kids were 8, 4, and 1.

Now that my kids are a bit older {5th grade, 1st grade, and preschool}, I have to keep up with their core curriculum, but can build in fun Christmas activities too.  This year I am pulling tons of activities from many places, all of which are pinned to my Christmas Pinterest board, to help my kids focus on the birth of Jesus!


The core of our month will revolve around a few daily activities, as well as weekly family times. For our weekly Advent time we will be using Everyday Emmanuel! Each of my kids also have Christmas Fun Activity Notebooks, which have fun activities based on their ability levels!

Sometimes I struggle with all of these grand holiday schooling plans though.  My own attitude takes over and I set unrealistic expectations on my children at times.  When they don’t show great enthusiasm for a craft I worked so hard to prepare, sometimes I let my sinful attitude take over.  Two years ago I vowed to change this, here is a quote from that post…

Even if I have a few flops, I need to remember that they will remember my attitude more than any activity we may do.  Lord help me remain graceful, peaceful, and joyful.

Praying that prayer for myself, and also for any of you who may struggle as I do! Focusing on having a Christ-like attitude is the best Christmas gift I can possibly give my children this month!

Carisa is a homeschooling mom to 3, an inner city missionary, and a blogger. She shares a behind the scenes look at her homeschool life on 1+1+1=1, you can learn more about her blog and family here.

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