How One Mom Watched Through the Bible with Her Kids


Jessica’s two kids with popcorn popped, ready for the first video! How cute are they?

Teaching the Bible to your kids … where do you even start? This is the journey of one mom who used the What’s in the Bible? video series to jumpstart conversations with her kids about every single book of the Bible … in one year! Join blogger Jessica Wolstenholm, a mom of two, for an easy way to teach your kids God’s Word, one video at a time.

She writes in her introductory post, “our plan is this: focus on one volume of What’s In The Bible? every month (or two in the summer) and walk through the entire Bible together from Genesis to Revelation. At first thought this seems daunting…leading children through the whole Bible in one year. But with the help of Buck Denver, Sunday School Lady and all their friends, I know we can do it (and I’m sure my husband and I will learn a thing or two along the way).”

Jessica outlines discussion ideas, activity packs and coloring sheets, and helpful tips for parents for every video. What’s in the Bible? makes it easy – and fun! – to teach your kids the Bible. Created by VeggieTales(R) creator Phil Vischer, the What’s in the Bible? video series features brand new characters, catchy songs, amazing Bible stories and so much more. The whole family will love the videos and learning about God together.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the What’s in the Bible? video series, available on DVD, digital and streaming on JellyTelly, and follow along with Jessica and her family through the WHOLE Bible in one year … check out her journey below:


1. Genesis (Volume 1)

Jessica writes, “One of my favorite aspects of the What’s In The Bible? series is the fact they don’t skip over any seemingly complex, yet very important facts about the Bible. Volume 1 begins by explaining the pieces and parts of the Bible as well as Bible history. More than merely teaching kids to memorize the books of the Bible, the DVD explains the books, their authors and origins.”

In Volume 1, meet Buck Denver and his friends and learn all about the Bible … who wrote it, why we can trust it, and what is the BIG story God is telling through the whole book.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 1 here, and check out the video here.


2. Exodus (Volume 2)

Jessica writes, “Our greatest take away from What’s In The Bible? Volume 2 “Let My People Go” is Phil Vischer’s wonderful explanation and delivery of the key concepts of SIN and REDEMPTION. The language he uses to describe these foundations of faith is full of truth and hope. It isn’t scary or intimidating. It doesn’t make you feel like you will never measure up. Because he shared these concepts in the framework of the Story. . .the Bible. Sin, when talked about all on its own, is something that can make us feel ashamed or weak. But when we understand where sin originated and why we deal with it today, we are better equipped to address it in our own lives. What’s in the Bible? has given us a great foundation to build conversation upon as we continue to share the Gospel with our children.”

In Volume 2, follow along with Buck Denver and friends as they learn about the Israelites in Egypt and how God sent Moses to help lead them to freedom and the Promised Land.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 2 here, and check out the video here.


3. Leviticus, Numbers & Deuteronomy (Volume 3)

Jessica writes, “I could probably say this for every volume but I think so far this one is my favorite. There is so much truth here, delivered clearly, for parents to consider themselves. Our journey through the Bible has been equally beneficial for our children and for us as we dig into complex faith concepts we’ve often avoided. This series is life changing for parents and children alike. I hope you are joining us on this exciting journey.”

In Volume 3, your family will wander with the Israelites through the desert, on their way to the Promised Land, and learn about trusting and following God.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 3 here, and learn more about the video here.

Vol 4 1200

4. Joshua, Judges & Ruth (Volume 4)

Jessica writes,What’s in the Bible? Volume 4 “Battle for the Promised Land” covers historical books of the Bible, Joshua through Ruth. This portion of the Story is so important to our faith and often only taught to kids through simple storytelling. But more than mere stories, there are life-applicable truths to be found in every chapter of the Bible. Part one of volume 4 covers the journey of Joshua in leading God’s people into the land they’d been promised. There’s so much to learn when you think of all the Israelites encountered upon entering Canaan. Phil Vischer does an incredible job explaining how battles and death played a part in God’s plan, a topic we often shy away from in the church.”

Volume 4 brings to life a lot of tough concepts for kids, in a way that sparks great discussion for the whole family.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 4 here, and learn more about the video here.

Vol 5 1200

5. 1 & 2 Samuel (Volume 5)

Jess writes, “In Israel Gets A King!”, Phil and friends tell the stories of Israel’s first kings – Saul, David and Solomon – and they ask viewers which king they would choose to be like. Though my children may never be chosen and anointed to be a king of anything, they are chosen still, to love and serve God with their whole heart. I pray they respond to that call as fervently and honestly as king David.”

Volume 5 tells the famous stories of Israel’s first 3 kings – Saul, David and Solomon.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 5 here, and learn more about the video here.

Vol 6 1200

6. Kings & Chronicles (Volume 6)

Jessica writes, “I’m not going to lie, these episodes are full of information and details about a very complex and important part of Israel’s history. At first watch, it made my head spin a little, so you can imagine what my kids were thinking. But Phil sums up this portion of the Bible in one simple statement,’Kings doing really bad things and prophets saying, “Stop it, or there is going to be trouble!”’

Sounds a little bit like how things go around our house except my kids aren’t kings and I’m no prophet…

Not every detail of the Bible and Christianity will be easy for kids to grasp. Actually, most will be incredibly complex and you’ll often wonder why you should bother. But I am a huge believer in building a faith culture in our homes while planting seeds of truth. With continued nurturing and watering, these seeds will grow into a beautiful faith in the lives of your family. So keep going! It’s totally worth it!”

In Volume 6, Buck Denver and friends learn about the good and bad (mostly bad) kings of Israel and the exile of the Israelites.

Read Jessica’s post about Volume 6 here, and learn more about the video here.

Vol 7 1200

7. Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther (Volume 7)

Jessica writes, “We enjoyed learning about Israel’s Exile and Return in volume 7 this month. These episodes are full of incredible history, inspiring heroes and enlightening truth. There’s so much to unpack in volume 7, from having courage, trusting the Bible and how God can use us do great things. Thank goodness I got our bags unloaded so I can now focus on discussing what we learned about the Bible on our trip.”

Volume 7 explores the Israelites return to Jerusalem and rebuilding the ravaged city, and it explores the famous story of brave Queen Esther. You’ll learn so much about trusting God and standing up for what you believe in!

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and learn more about the video here.


8. Psalms, Proverbs & The Writings (Volume 8)

Jessica writes, “Psalms and Proverbs are the perfect place to start when encouraging young children to begin to read the Bible on their own. Because these books were written in simple poetic form, they are easier for kids to consider and comprehend. Psalms, Proverbs and the Writings use words to paint a picture, similar to books kids are used to reading. These books can be a beautiful gateway for our children to learn to love the Word.”

Volume 8 covers the Writings, the wisdom books in the Bible – it creates great opportunities to dialogue with your children about being smart vs wise, engaging with the range of human emotions in the psalms, and talking a little bit about romantic love in Song of Solomon.

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and learn more about the video here.

Vol 9 1024

9. Isaiah, Jeremiah & The Prophets (Volume 9)

Jessica writes, “What’s In The Bible? volume 9 is full of history and moves fast-paced through the last 17 books of the Old Testament – the major and minor prophets. Though kids may have a hard time understanding what a prophet is or what one does, they can grasp the simple idea of God using messengers to share truth, hope and love with the world.”

The 17 books of the Prophets (major and minor) are full of big concepts for little minds, and Volume 9 introduces them in approachable, practical, dare-we-say super fun ways! Your whole family will love the Prophets Jam musical number … you’ll have all the prophets memorized before you know it!

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and check out the video here.


10. The Gospels (Volume 10)

Jessica writes, “Each detail comes together in Volume 10 to create a picture that is the Gospel. Everything we’ve learned up until this moment has pointed to Jesus. And he enters the story as someone our kids may already know and love. Yet now, they can connect the dots to grow in understanding of how they fit into the tale, or better yet, how they fit into the kingdom. Jesus is the Good News. He is the blessing promised to Abraham thousands of years ago. Young children may still have a hard time grasping the connection so we’re focusing our attention on Jesus as the rescuer God sent to teach us how to live, love and follow God.”

Volume 10 teaches all about Jesus – who he is, why he came, what he taught, and how he came to save us from our sin.

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and check out the video here.


11. Acts (Volume 11)

Jessica writes, “The What’s In The Bible? gang starts off by sharing a few very important foundational principles that apply to our lives as believers. They teach us that an Apostle is a “sent one” or someone who is sent by God to share the Good News with others. When he appeared to his disciples after his resurrection, Jesus gave them a great commission, instructing them to share the news of his love and rescue plan with the world as they know it. We can encourage our kids that Jesus’ commissioning didn’t end with these Apostles. He also asks us to share the Good News with others.”

In Volume 11, Buck Denver and friends follow the conversion of Paul and the spread of the Gospel across the ancient world. It contains powerful messages about sharing the Gospel with people around us.

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and check out the video here.

Vol 12 1200

12. Romans through Philemon (Volume 12)

Jessica writes, “I know I say this all the time but this is one of my favorites. As a religion minor in college, my Life and Letters of Paul class was a highlight for me. I have always loved these practical books of the New Testament; they helped me put my faith into action, even at a young age. That’s the goal in sharing these letters with our children. We want to help them understand what to do with the hope we have in Jesus Christ. From defining the church to explaining large concepts such as justification, The Letters of Paul remind us of the truth Christians stand on and how, then we are supposed to live.”

Volume 12 presents all the letters of Paul in a fun way that kids (and adults!) will love – and remember key teachings from Paul to help them put their faith into action.

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and learn about the video here.

Vol 13 1200

13. General Epistles & Revelation (Volume 13)

Jessica writes, “Perhaps the most exciting part of sitting down with What’s In The Bible? Volume 13: God’s Kingdom Comes was knowing that all the dots would be connected, in awesome What’s In The Bible style, so our kids could begin to understand what God has in store for us as Christians. I wasn’t prepared for my own emotional response when Phil and friends reviewed the Story from beginning to end in such a beautifully accessible and comprehensive way for believers of all ages. This journey has been about so much more than just the faith of my children. Walking through the Bible and hearing the Story, chronologically told, in such simple language has sparked something in my own heart. Now, more than ever, I feel a great passion to ensure my kids understand the Bible and build a faith that lasts.”

What a great way to sum up the story of the whole Bible – and the especially tricky book of Revelation! You won’t want to miss Volume 13.

Read more of Jessica’s post here, and learn about the video here.

Wow! The whole Bible in 13 volumes – perfect for movie nights that will have the whole family laughing and learning. Learn more about the whole series and order it here!

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