How to Teach Revelation to Kids: Revelation Video Series with Phil Vischer

Teaching the book of Revelation to kids may seem like a daunting task, but VeggieTales® and What’s in the Bible? creator Phil Vischer offers some great ideas in this short video about his approach to Revelation in Volume 13 of the Buck Denver Asks® … What’s in the Bible? series. Volume 13: God’s Kingdom Comes! [General Epistles and Revelation] is available now from

Volume 13 completes Vischer’s journey through the Bible for kids and families, and tackling the book of Revelation has been much-anticipated for the series’ fans. When asked how he started to approach it, Vischer says, “To teach Revelation to kids you start with a simple statement – ‘Revelation is one of the trickiest books of the Bible.’”

By asking the question, “why is it so tricky?” Vischer says, you get to the concept of genre – one of the most importance concepts in understanding – and teaching! – about any book book of the Bible. Throughout the What’s in the Bible? series, Vischer teaches about the genres of the Bible – historical prose, poetry, and epistles to name a few examples. But the book of Revelation isn’t any of those genres – it belongs to the genre of apocalyptic writing.

“Apocalyptic writing is entirely symbolic,” Vischer says. “Almost everything in the book of Revelation is a symbol for something else.”

Sometimes John (the author of Revelation) gives us clues about what the symbols mean, like the lamp stands representing the churches. But other times, we have to work harder to figure out what the message John is writing really means. In Volume 13: God’s Kingdom Comes!, Vischer and the What’s in the Bible? crew find meaning in the very complicated book of Revelation. Order it here today!

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