Five Ways to Incorporate Music in the What’s in the Bible? Curriculum


Do you know what’s in the Bible? Is it true – is it reliable? Absolutely verifiable? Let’s all take a look in the Biable!

It only takes one time listening to the What’s in the Bible? theme song for it to get stuck in my head for an entire day! Before I know it, I’m humming away in a meeting, singing at my dinner table, and asking my friends during a casual coffee conversation “Do you know what’s in the Bi-able?”  Can you relate?

In creating the What’s in the Bible? Sunday morning curriculum, we imagined that music would be incorporated in a variety of ways. After all, music is a great way for children to experience the day’s lesson and offer their praise to God! This Sunday, consider using the What’s in the Bible? songs and music videos to sing along to in between video and small group activities. It’s a great time for children to stand up, and sing to God!

  • Add Walk-In Music

    I love incorporating music into a Sunday morning children’s program by adding walk-in music. When a child walks into his/her classroom for the first time, the music can really help set the tone. Play upbeat, fun music to signal a high-energy time of learning. Choose a slow, quiet song if you wish for children to walk into a reflective time of prayer.  Music can help signal the day’s expectations.

  • Use Instrument Apps

    Consider using an iPad during the small group activity to add even more music to your program. Apps that act like instruments allow children to create their own music and are a great way to encourage response after a lesson.

  • What’s In The Bible? Music Videos

    You can also view the What’s in the Bible? music videos on YouTube or on the Sing Through The Bible DVD and encourage children to listen for key words from the day’s main lesson.

  • Whats In The Bible? Songs CD

    THE SONGS! features 18 of your very favorite, most singable songs from the series.

  • Seeds Family Worship

    Our friends and partners, Seeds Family Worship, help children and grown-ups experience God’s joy through fun, energetic, powerful music!

Incorporating music into your Sunday morning children’s program is a great way to connect the lesson and encourage genuine praise!

Even if you’re not using the What’s in the Bible? curriculum, you can pick up our new CD – What’s in the Bible? THE SONGS! in our store to incorporate into your Sunday morning routine.

How do you incorporate music on Sunday morning?


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