Introducing DVD 4!

The waiting is over!  If you’ve been following the WHAT’S IN THE BIBLE? series, you’ll be thrilled to know that DVD #4, Battle for the Promised Land!, has been released!!

I admit it. I have a pretty cool job!  I got to preview the new DVD this week in order to write about it.  What fun!!  But what started out as me sitting alone at my laptop with my ear buds; turned into the three of us, sitting on my bed, watching the entire episode, and cracking up the whole time– OH, and learning a bunch!!  Take my word for it; it’s good–really good.

When we last left Phil and our lovable Jelly Telly cast of characters, they had taken us on a fun, and factual journey through the first five books of the Bible, the Pentateuch.

We were taught that man, through his own choice, allowed sin to enter into the world, which brought with it death and a separation between God and his most beloved creation.  But we also learned that God loved man so much that He had a RESCUE PLAN to redeem His people!  This rescue plan began with Abraham, and you will see it continue to unfold throughout the next DVD!

DVD #4 begins our next journey into the next 12 Books of the Bible, also known as the Historical Books.  These books give us an actual historical look at the Nation of Israel, covering almost 1000 years.  This DVD covers Joshua, Judges and Ruth.

We start in the Book of Joshua, where the second part of God’s rescue plan begins to unfold. That is, His promise that His people, the descendants of Abraham, will have a land of their own.  But this doesn’t happen without some “tricky bits” occurring along the way.  Namely, bloodshed and the actual taking of the land, which God promised them, from the people who were already living there!  Tricky, indeed!! To a child, perhaps even unfair.  How can that be?

Have you ever encountered a person who loves to point out that a God of love and forgiveness would never initiate war and ultimately death to numerous people?? I have!  It’s a tough question! Phil and the gang answer it beautifully, and in a way that kids will come away with a better understanding and a new respect of how big our God truly is!

The second half of DVD #4 starts with the Book of Judges. It covers a period of time when Israel seemed to continuously abandon their beliefs in God, as well as His Law.  During this time, God chose several “leaders” (or Judges) who would help Israel through numerous times of tribulation–that is until the people abandoned their faith in God, again– and again– and again.  Kind of a reoccurring theme in this Book!

Here is a glimpse at the section on Judges:

The last section of DVD #4 takes us through the Book of Ruth.  Many of us know this book as a sweet love story; even a story of great loyalty displayed by Ruth towards her mother-in-law Naomi.  But the lesson goes much deeper in explaining WHY the Book of Ruth is important, historically! How it sets the stage for the coming of our own Redeemer, because not only is Ruth a story of personal redemption and hope, it also lays the foundation– quite genetically–about (David) the coming King of Israel’s lineage.  It also just happens to be the same lineage to which the King of Kings can be traced back!  Important stuff!!

The kids will now begin to appreciate that our Bible is more than a book of metaphors, poems and virtues.  It is, in fact, a historical document. One that can be verified and validated against other historical documents!  In it we learn about people who really lived, and who really impacted not just ONE small Nation– but ultimately the entire world!  We continue to learn of God’s great love for man, and His desire to bless their lives even though they continue to fall short of what He desires; to be put FIRST in their lives.  All of this is possible, because through His love, He has that flawless rescue plan!

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