Introducing the Galaxy Buck Church Curriculum

Galaxy Buck CurriculumToday we’re thrilled to announce the release of our latest church curriculum! Introducing the Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 Church Curriculum!. Back in October, when we released Phil Vischer’s new Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9 movie, we were already hard at work with our friends at Kidzmatter developing an amazing companion curriculum for churches that we knew would make a huge impact on kids and ministries across the country. And today, we could not be more excited to share it with you!

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What is Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9?

In Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9, beloved What’s in the Bible? newsman Buck Denver stars as a call center employee for the Galactic Mission Board. Buck has big ideas about what he wants to do for God, and they don’t involve answering phones and handing out tote bags for much longer. So when an unexpected opportunity to captain a deep space mission comes along, Buck knows he’s the man for the job! After all, he’s been training to be a captain on his phone. But when Buck, Clive, Ian, Marcy and Sunday School Lady find themselves on the planet Tolaris, things don’t go exactly how Buck had hoped! With the help of a new friend, Buck Denver learns that God wants him … not the big things Buck can do for God. Galaxy Buck includes a powerful lesson about what happens when we trust God with everything, even our dreams!


What is the Galaxy Buck Church Curriculum?


From the first time we saw Galaxy Buck: Mission to Sector 9, we knew that it had the potential to be a powerful tool for children’s ministries, and so we partnered with our good friends at Kidzmatter to develop a 4-week companion curriculum to the movie. The curriculum is available for elementary and preschool, and it also contains the full Galaxy Buck movie! Learn more and download a sample week here.

Each lesson includes a welcome activity, a teaching video from Galaxy Buck, a Bible story, several activities and crafts, and take home activities for families to do at home.

The curriculum also includes suggestions and promotional materials for hosting a Galaxy Buck movie night at your church! It’s a great opportunity to bring families together to kick off the curriculum, or to use as an outreach event. We suggest pizza and popcorn!



What will kids learn from the Galaxy Buck Church Curriculum?

Week 1: What it means to walk with Jesus everyday

Week 2: Why it is important to be discipled by other Christians

Week 3: What to do when God puts someone in your path who needs help

Week 4: How the fruit of the Spirit shares God’s love with people around you


Learn more and download a free sample week here.



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