Keona’s Story: How One 10 Year Old Made an Impact in Her Community

A mom named Alicia emailed us to share how much her daughter, Keona, loves What’s In The Bible?: “My 10-year has been so impacted by the series that she’s trying to figure out how to get it into the hands of others!” We interviewed Keona and wanted to share the story or how she raised funds to buy What’s In The Bible? DVDs for five families of faith in rural Missouri.

Keona, tell us a little about yourself. How old are you? What is your favorite Bible verse?
I am 11 years old in 16 days and my favorite Bible verse is actually a chapter: Psalm 149.

What are some fundraisers that you’ve done before?
My first fund-raiser was raising money to buy shoes for the children of rural families. My second fund-raiser was to help Project Rescue purchase two bookshelves and two DVD players and books for children whose mothers are in slavery in India. This is my third fund-raiser and I have enjoyed every one of them.




How did you get the idea to give away What’s In The Bible? DVDs to families in your community?
I LOVE What’s In The Bible DVDs and I think that other families should have a chance to learn to love God. The DVDs are funny, cute, and, to me, the puppets feel real. I’ve learned something in each DVD!




How did you go about reaching your goal? What are some of the fundraisers that you held?
My Grandma and I baked AMAZING chocolate crinkle cookies. My mom posted my fundraiser on facebook. Granny and I made calls. And then I delivered them with my mom and dad.

Why do you think it’s important to help others?
Because Jesus helped others while He was on earth and I want to be an example of what He was.

What would you say to other kids to encourage them to go out and help people?
Think about some things that you can do to help others. If it’s baking cookies, selling lemonade, or running a race…do it to please and to love God!


Keona ended up raising $236 and bought DVDs 1-5 for five families in her community. What’s In The Bible? matched Keona’s donation and Keona was able to take 5 more sets of DVDs to Cherish Kids, an organization that supports Christian foster families.


Thank you so much to Keona and her mom Alicia for sharing their inspiring story. We hope it inspires your family to think creatively about how to help in your community, too!

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