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My Jesus Journal Summer Banner Week-8

This summer blogger Heather Conrad and her family will be walking through My Jesus Journal, an activity guide created to help children develop a deeper understanding of who Jesus is and how they can come to know Him.

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Our summer tour through My Jesus Journal wraps up today with one final look, this time at the concluding section of this resource, entitled “Family Activities”. Once again, the fabulous creators of What’s in the Bible? have brought to us an easy-to-follow, hands-on, easily-implemented compilation of activities created for families to help bring biblical truth into daily living.

God's Rescue Plan TimelineOne such activity that represents a culmination of events studied throughout the resource is called “God’s Rescue Plan Timeline”. Once again, a video recap is also available through a website address listed, as well as a QR code provided in which one can scan and view from a mobile device. Within the resource, a page is listed that includes a one sentence synopsis of an event, lists a scripture reference, and directs you to cut and paste a visual picture included on a following page. This visual, tactile, and auditory representation really hits a home run in retracing the launch of God’s rescue plan throughout both the Old and New Testaments. It can be done in one setting, or over the course of a few days if taken one event at a time.

encouragement cardsAnother activity provided is the opportunity to view God’s words of encouragement every day. Verses of encouragement are cleverly displayed on two pages that can be decorated, cut, and placed throughout your home. We enjoyed posting them on the refrigerator, the mirror in our bathrooms, in our van, and even next to our beds. When we are tired, sad, or even facing something that is hard, His words are that reminder that we can call upon the Lord for strength at any moment. We even enjoyed praying about others and sharing verses with them by hand delivering or mailing them to our friends who live further away.

A final activity provided includes popsicle stick cut-outs to perform your very own puppet shows of Jesus’ miracles. We’ve taken a look at the use of these in a previous post, but I wanted to mentioned them once again because it brings us back to the very first activity we explored together – our mustard seed trees. Some of the leaves for the tree that are provided include the activities mentioned within this section. These provisions serve a dual function – they grow your kingdom-building mustard tree and they carry what’s being learned as a family out to others, just brilliant.

mustard tree 2

I want to thank you for following this journey through My Jesus Journal with me this summer! I have greatly enjoyed this opportunity to present a God-inspired resource made available to all families as they seek to bring God’s word and His heart, not only into their homes, but in ways that stretch out their hands and Christ-centered hearts to those that surround them. It has enriched our devotional time as a family, inspired us with ideas, and equipped us with ready-made resources to best utilize our time set-aside for growing in Jesus and in His kingdom. I pray that you too enjoy this fabulous resource and may the rest of your summer be refreshing and reunifying as a family!

Heather ConradI’m just a Mom who feels privileged to have an opportunity to serve and to pour into the lives of my amazing husband Aaron, and our three precious blessings. Our son Austin, loves basketball and has such a tender and big-brother-protective heart. Our daughter Emma has a spirit as big as her heart, hard to contain all that creativity inside. Bryn, don’t let her little frame fool you, she is a spunky gal, keeps us all laughing. If there is a spare moment in the day, you’ll either catch me with a book, or hitting the streets on a jog with Jesus.

My Jesus Journal is available at here!

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