More than a DVD Series

The ever-inspiring blog had a really thought-provoking post today about How to Partner with Parents in Kid’s Ministry.

“Our job, as ministers, is to empower parents with the gospel, provide support and be an example to them, all while ministering to kids,” the blog says.

That’s a goal we talk about a lot here at the What’s in the Bible? office. What does it mean to be more than a DVD that you just pop in and play for your kids while you clean the house or answer emails? What does it mean to develop a thoughtful curriculum for churches that doesn’t just cover the hour spent in the Sunday School classroom, but that empowers kids and parents to have discussions on the way home from church or at the dinner table?

One answer to that question is found in our take-home cards for curriculum. Each week, there is a customizable take-home card included for teachers to print out and send home with each child. The card lists several questions covered in that day’s lesson for parents to ask their children on the way home – and we bet that parents will learn a thing or two! Like this question, from Volume 7, Week 1: How did God use the Assyrian Empire in His rescue plan?

Each card also includes a “BIG QUESTION” – the answer to which is located online at Parents and kids can look up the answer together, and maybe find other fun things to do together while they are there!

We’re pretty excited about these and other ideas we have to connect learning the Gospel with your family time. What’s in the Bible? is more than entertainment. We like to think of ourselves as partners in your family’s spiritual journey, whether it’s through our DVDs, through, and through things we haven’t even thought of yet!

If you are a parent, what are ways we can partner with you to take What’s in the Bible? beyond entertainment for your family?

If you work in children’s ministry, what are other ways we can help you connect home and church?


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