Our Conference Debut!

What’s in the Bible? is making it’s conference debut this week at the North American Children’s Ministry Conference in St. Louis, Missouri.

Check out our awesome booth:

We’re playing DVD 1 on loop on that giant 52″ television. My goal is to have every word memorized by the end of the day … It just might happen.

Phil will be speaking tomorrow night and we’ll do a screening of DVD 1 with Q&A late tomorrow night.

It’s been a busy week, with the official launch of the DVDs in store and getting ready for the conference. Speaking of the launch, we now have a store on the site! Check it out – the first 500 people to order “Buck’s Bundle” (DVDs 1&2) will get a FREE sing-along CD. You can also get the DVDs at your local Christian bookstore or at christianbook.com

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Sherry Domer
Sherry Domer

I think that what's in the bible is the best thing since chocolate covered gummy bears. I'm sad I missed out on the CD too. (By buying as soon as I found it) But I'm not sad that I my children and I can enjoy this wonderful video as soon as possible! We already watched volume one 2 times. Volume Two is back ordered. I'm taking it to the leaders in my church. Every child should have this dvd! Teacher Sherry,

Doug Hanna
Doug Hanna

I almost wish I didn't buy both DVDs before the official release date-- I really want that CD! Will a hard copy version ever be available as a standalone item? Best wishes for the conference! Love the booth! Any chances we'll see a video of Phil's talk or the Q & A? Good luck! Your success is in my prayers!