Parenting Athletes: Encouragement and Tips

If your kids have started fall sports and you’re wondering how to navigate the world of parenting athletes, our Fall Sports Series can help you! Blogger Aaron Conrad and his wife Heather have parented their three children through various sports and in 4 blog posts, Aaron shares the lessons and tips he has learned along the way.

Father and Son Play Catch

Parenting Athletes

How do you walk the fine line between coaching your child and being a pushy parent? Aaron offers 4 strategies for helping your children reach their full potential without sucking all the fun out of sports and games.

Encouragement in Defeat

What happens after your child’s team loses a game? What do you say to your child after a loss? Aaron focuses on 3 tips for encouraging your child after a defeat.

Knowing When to Quit

When sports obligations take over your child’s life, how do you talk to them about knowing when it’s time to move on? Aaron faced that struggle with his daughter and shares 4 ways he approached the situation and how he counseled her.

Winning and Losing with Grace

How do we find balance and guide our little ones to win and lose with grace? Through scripture, Aaron helps us remember to give God the Glory and be humble.

As you and your family find yourselves at practices and games this Fall, we hope these strategies for talking to your kids help when the tough situations arise.

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