Party Time (Christmas Edition)

It’s become a tradition at my church to celebrate Christmas with the children in my church. Of course, we teach the Bible story of Jesus’ birth at Christmas, but in addition we plan a time to simply celebrate. We celebrate the year we’ve had together, the stories we’ve learned about God, the friendships we’ve made, and the gratitude we have for Jesus coming to Earth. It’s an all out Christmas party!

This year, consider a time of celebration for the children and families in your ministry. In the Why Do We Call It Christmas? Church Edition, we’ve suggested creative ideas for setting aside an entire Sunday morning for celebrating together. We call it a small group celebration and it includes music, games, art, and videos. As my 2 year-old niece would say, “It’s way too much fun!”

We’ve created this video that gives more information on the small group celebration.

And, leave a comment letting us know how you celebrate Christmas with the kids in your church. It’s party time!

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