Placing All Hope In God…A Lesson Through the Psalms

On one of my many trips to the beach when I was a little girl I clearly remember the one day as I was wading about knee deep in the water, a wave quickly came in and washed over me.   It caused me to lose my footing.  I remember, even in sheer terror, keeping my eyes open and seeing the sky above and sandy floor below spin around as I tumbled in that wave. At that moment in time I was helpless.  I was in a panic because I didn’t have any control.  I was at the mercy of the surf. I felt like I was drowning!  In reality it took only a few seconds for my grandmother to simply reach into the water, grab my arm, and set me up right again.  Strangely, as scared as I was, I initially fought her attempt to help me by kicking and flailing about.  Finally, I allowed her to help me.  I emerged from the surf, Choking and sputtering as my grandmother assured me that I was alright. She instructed me to go and sit down on the beach towel, calm myself down and breathe.

Does this sound at all like a metaphor to a circumstance you’re facing?  Are you doing everything imaginable to “fight” your way out of a whatever you’re going through, only to find yourself exhausted and helpless?

Today I want to share with you a Psalm that is life changing—at least it has been to me, the control freak.

“My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken.” Psalm 62: 1-2

David realized that God was in control.  He placed all hope in Him, and through this psalm he reminds us to wait patiently for God to rescue us.

The thing is that we sometimes want God to take away our problems in order for us to feel relief—to feel rescued.  But aren’t there always more problems, challenges and trials on the way?  True relief comes to us once we place all hope in God and His plan of Salvation through Jesus.

I believe being a control freak is a learned behavior. Somewhere along the way we have felt vulnerable and our fake sense of control helps us feel less vulnerable. Through the Scriptures, like this psalm, we can learn how to teach our kids that it’s God who is our fortress—our strength—and our relief.  We desire to be vulnerable to therefore experience His strength!

God is waiting for you to be still.  He’s right there wanting to reach into your insurmountable wave and set you back on your feet.  Stop fighting him.  Stop acting like you have all the answers.  Stop trying to stay in complete control.  Be vulnerable and then submit to Him.  …And then maybe sit down and remember to just breathe!

How have you experienced God as your strength and fortress?  How do you teach your kids to put their hope in Him?

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